Water Systems Distillation

High Water purity, low sensitivity to inlet water quality!

Comparing distillation with the most commonly chosen alternative, reverse Osmosis (RO), distillation is the clear winner in terms af distillation purity, providing Water purity in the range 2 – 10 ppm TDS (total dissolved solids)

It pays to think long term!

Although at first glace the Reverse Osmosis system seems to be the less expensive solution, it pays to look at the total picture. The somewhat higher investment for a distillation system will rapidly be recovered by savings in operation costs.

  • Parabolic solar receiver
  • Aluminum light weight mirrors
  • 55 sqm sun catch area per unit.
  • Metal frame installation kit
  • Solar tracker system
  • Touchscreen controlled
  • Semi automatic shut down
  • Optional fully automatic

Harvesting the Sun’s Energy for clean Water

2000 kW Alpha-E plant with a distillation unit provides 8000 l/h Fresh Water in a double stage unit.

Efficiency is related to the plant size.

Multi-stage unit, provides efficiency between 2 and 5 times higher and better than a single stage unit.

Distillation unitAlpha-E solutionFreshwater production
Single Stage24 Troughs (1000 kWh)7 Mill Liter/year
Two Stage48 Troughs (2000 kWh)14 Mill Liter/year
MEP, Multi Stage Plates240 Troughs (10000 kWh)140 Mill Liter/year