Kim Nichum put pen to paper over 13 years ago, after thinking how he could leave his print on the planet by changing the way we looked at Solar Energy through concentrated solar panels. Together with the support of his brother Dag, he built the first one using wood, to realize his sketch and developed and revised it to what you see today. Kim has a background in renewable energy for over 20 years. His education is in Autmation Engineering and most of his career has been spent in the Renewable Energy sector.

If you ask Kim what his goal is for Alpha-E, he will say this:

“To be a part of the much needed global change in reducing emissions of Co2 and ensuring that Alpha-E’s concept is an integral part of that reduction!”

Alpha-E’s team brings diverse background’s from the financial sector to the renewable sector, however we all have one common goal:

Making Alpha-E part of the solution to create a reduced Co2 imprint on this planet!