The Global climate change demands instant action in the reduction of co2 emissions. Changing from fossil energy sources to renewable energy is one of most effective ways to reach our common goal for the planet.

Alpha-E’s patented solar panel solution supports your company in reaching  Co2 neutral in a fast and cost beneficial way.

With the Alpha-Trough the possibilties are:
To Build a 500.000 m² solar field in less than a year.
To Generate up to 300°C in the absorption tube.
To Produce both collectors and mirrors locally, creating local jobs on site.
To Reuse production lines in subsequent solar fields.
To decrease the number of complete troughs , due to high temperature capability.
Alpha-Trough versus traditional troughs:
No glass mirrors. Unbreakable self-containing aluminium.
Alpha Troughs are electronically driven and controlled, omitting the need for hydraulic.
Simplified installation on site, no special equipment required. A complete Alpha-Trough is produced, assembled and installed on location.
The Alpha-Trough is produced by simple automated production lines, at low cost.
Our production lines are 100% sustainable and reusable, in subsequent solar farms.
No expensive maintenance. Alpha-E mirrors are unbreakable.
The Alpha-Trough is presently 3.5 or 4,5 meters wide in aperture while maintaining 6 or 12 meters in length, per section.
Each farm can be built to specifications.
The trough is supported by our Alpha-Collector® which is constructed of galvanized steel, forming an open and strong lightweight structure – modular designed, which makes field assembly easy and efficient.
The Alpha-Mirror® is constructed of a thin curved aluminium plate with reflective coating applied to the plate. Supporting aluminium profiles on the back of the mirror forms a sturdy self-containing construction.
Using the Alpha-Trough® reduces cost on material, production, transportation, installation and maintenance – while guaranteeing high performance and long durability
Basic facts.
High Reflectivity
99,6% Accuracy
35 m/s max. wind load
10 year warranty
50 years durability