Alpha-E ApS (Company/CVR reg.no.: DK34086869), is based in Fredericia, Denmark, with the vision of harnessing the power of the Sun - We have patented an improved modular design, using metal mirrors, for a superior solution for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).


Alpha-E will establish itself as one of the world leaders in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with local representation in all sunny markets - harnessing the power of the sun.



Alpha-E will bring efficient and effective CSP solutions to sunny markets - with a very high degree of local cooperation, local sourcing and local production. It is Alpha-E’s mission to greatly improve availability of renewable energy for industry and domestic use, also in remote areas without a strong electrical grid, using the power of the Sun.


The Alpha-E CSP Modular Solar Plant design is unique and well patented. It is designed for construction in a modular design with a small number of easy-to-handle components. The design is light with optimised strength for extreme weather conditions. Local sourcing, production and construction is straightforward.


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