Our competitive strength is to efficiently supply green energy with small-scale CSP solutions for cooling - and also electricity - in remote, sunny locations. The users are a local industry or a population of 1.000-10.000 people, who have little or no energy supply, or who today rely on espensive and polluting fossile fuels - such as energy provided by diesel generator sets. The Alpha-E small-scale CSP solutions are robust, stable and local, requiring the minimum of maintenance, and durable for 50 years with the right upkeep. Up to 80% of an investment in an Alpha-E solution is converted to local jobs and local activity, as most of the Alpha-E solar farm is produced and assembled locally, using the local workforce. In sunny regions, there is a tremendous demand for cooling for air conditioning and storage of food (meat, diary, groceries etc). If not dealt with using thermal energy, this demand will put a huge load on the requirement for electricity, which is a much less efficient energy source for these purposes. The local production price of cooling is about 25% of the local production price of electricity. The main attraction of the Alpha-E robust small-scale CSP solar plants is: The ability to create cooling and ice from the high temperatures of the Alpha-E CSP at prices that cannot be achieved by solutions using electricity. The ability to also deliver electricity at competitive prices in Mini Grids in remote, sunny locations - off the National Grid - for a local, robust and stable supply of electricity, 24/7. Our modular solar trough platform (Alpha Space Frame) has been designed for production with local sourcing, production and construction in mind. We are combining well-known steel elements in a novel way to produce a very strong and robust platform. The Alpha-E solar trough platform does not require specialists to build and ready for service. Furthermore, the Alpha-E solar farm can be efficiently produced and built - example: small-scale CSP solar farms can be commissioned in 4 months from order. The modular design and business concept gives a variety of options for just as many sectors and companies. And on top of that, it is Robust - Stable - Local We hope you will find our company of interest. We believe that Alpha-E will be able to contribute significantly to accelerating the use of green solar energy, especially in remote areas where no strong electrical grid exists. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information. Our company, Alpha-E ApS (Company/CVR DK34086869), is based in Fredericia, Denmark, with the vision of harnessing the power of the Sun for the direct use of Solar thermal energy for industrial processes requiring up to 350 C - some of which are: Cooling, heating, process heat, sterilisation, desalination and clean freshwater - as well as electricity.
We have patented an improved modular design for a superior solution for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), which makes highly efficient local, small-scale CSP-solutions commercially viable.

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