AT 350 Vision Plant

Alpha-E wants to revolutionise and greatly accelerate the use of Concentrated Solar Power as solar thermal energy for cooling, industrial processes and electricity. Our solar trough platform (Alpha Space Frames) has been modular designed for production with local sourcing, production and construction in mind, combining well-known steel elements in a novel way to produce a very strong and robust platform. The Alpha-E solar trough platform does not require specialists to build and ready for service. The light-weight metal mirrors are superior to the more commonly used glas mirrors not only in being unbreakable and require less service, but also making it possible for the aperture of the solar trough to reach up to 10 meters - allowing for turbine efficient temperatures above 540 C for large scale electricity production. Robust also in severe weather conditions, designed to withstand “severe storm” levels of continuous 35 m/sec winds. The Alpha-E solar plant can be efficiently produced and built - example: reducing large-scale solar farm building time from 2 years to 9 months. Around 80% of the investment in an Alpha-E solution is delivered by local companies.

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