Alpha-Trough-350 Specifications


AT 350


Open lightweight steel fitted with aluminum mirrors with reflective mirror (Alpha-Mirror). Nominal set-up is two troughs per drive pylon.

2 pylons

2 curved end-structures

3 longitude space bars

4 receiver tube holders

2 bearings

18 Alpha-Mirrors


Controls the rotation of two interconnected troughs

A GPS based suntracker feeds the drive pylon with the suns position

Receiver tube

Many options. The receiver tube holders are adjustable.

Receiver tube can withstand 350°C

Receiver tube diameter

Variable. The holders can be customized to required diameters

51 - 100 mm (preferred 70mm)


Assembly and installation is done on-site in the solar field. The truck, as it unloads, holds the units in-place while two technicians install them.

No cranes or special equipment required

Effective reflective area

40 m²

Standard is dual troughs on a drive totaling 80 m²

Trough’s ”opening” = Aperture (length x width)

11,7 x 3,4 m

40 m²

Drive pylons

Troughs connected in a two by two array where the central pylons has the electric motor.

Alpha-Trough-350 is rotated by a drive pylon.

Loop length


Two Alpha-Trough-350 coupled to a drive pylon is 24 meters




Self-supporting parabolic aluminum plate with lateral supports on reverse side

The mirror is self-supporting and fitted with a snap lock

Reflective surface

Hard coated reflective film or lightweight high reflective aluminium based plates .

1,25 m width * 1,75 m length


90% - 94%


Focal Accuracy


Measured at 3M lab in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA


5 kg / m²


Dimensions (width * curvilinear length)

1,26 x 1,75 m

2,2 m²




Optical efficiency

> 85%

(Reflectivity 94%)

Maximum wind speed

35 m/s

Category 1

Maximum wind speed

42 m/s

Category 2

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