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Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)


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Alpha-Trough-350 is designed to provide district heating plants and the process industry with solar energy. The trough generates a flow of hot fluid heated to 110 - 250°C.


There are many industrial applications for this type of energy. District heating, cooling, humidification, purification, process industry, steam generation, power generation, food production and desalination are just a few.


Alpha-Trough-350 offer district heating plants:


  •  A superior return on investment
  •  A great way to achieve 2020 targets
  •  A product that instantly creates savings
  •  A green solution which can be proudly displayed
  •  A forward-thinking solution with a long service life


Alpha-Trough-350 captures the early morning sun and tracks the sun’s path throughout the day. The sun’s rays are continuously concentrated on a receiver tube located in the trough’s focal line.


The fluid in the receiver tube quickly heats and circulates in a uniform flow to the thermal energy receiver such as a district heating plant, process plant, food producer or other industrial user.


The heated fluid can be used for numerus purposes, like cooling, steam or superheated water for production and cleaning. The thermal energy can also be converted to electricity using the ORC technology


Alpha-Trough-350 is built to endure Nordic weather and is very durable. It can withstand wind loads of 35m/s (hurricane force) without deforming.


The reflective mirror has an incredibly high focal accuracy – it concentrates 99.6% of the sun’s rays onto the receiver tube as measured by 3M at their laboratory in Minnesota (United States).

Alpha-Trough-350 versus flat panels.


District heating plants had to live with lower temperatures and the disadvantages of flat panel solar collectors. Concentrated solar power (CSP) eliminates several of the flat panel limitations.


  • Operating temperature is adjustable by either flow rate control or turning troughs in/out of the sun - provides even flow of energy.
  • A CSP solar farm is sized to meet your needs. Flat panel solar farms are unable to ’turn down’ thermal energy production – they are sized to the maximum energy capacity.
  • The trough’s high performance is achieved from sunrise. The concentrating of solar radiation allows fast heating.
  • Higher performance during the ‘shoulder months’ (Apr – May and Sep – Oct) because the operating temperature is reached faster
  • No additional low-temp storage tanks required. Alpha-Trough-350 generates the desired level of thermal energy and is circulated immediately into existing tanks.
  • The footprint of a CSP solar farm is smaller. Fewer parabolic troughs provide the same level of service.
  • Less square feet of panels required to achieve the same level of performance. Solar utilization by CSP is higher than flat panels.


DTU Report R-292 on CSP versus flat panel collectors found CSP was twice as effective at 100°C. Get the free report here


“The analysis shows Concentrating Collectors are more suitable for higher temperature District Heating and Industry Applications.

At a temperature of 100°C the Concentrating Collector arrays collects approximately double the energy (kWh/m2) compared to Flat Plate collector fields.”

Alpha-Mirror (aluminum mirror) was tested at 3M’s laboratory in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.


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